How Leonardo DiCaprio Nearly Quit Acting Forever

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Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant, star nearly quit acting to be a performer of a very different kind.

Leonardo DiCaprio maybe a famous actor now, but acting hasn’t always been his passion. In a 2004 interview with Oprah Winfrey, the talk show’s staff found some interesting facts about the Oscar-nominated actor.

Apparently, DiCaprio was a break dancer in his youth, and even came second in a German break dancing contest at one point.

When asked by Winfrey if he’d ever consider quitting acting when he was younger, DiCaprio said “yes.”

“Because I was a break-dancer,” he admitted, as the audience laughed.

Oprah’s producers discovered DiCaprio’s break dancing nickname was “The Noodle.”

“Oh, boy, yeah,” DiCaprio said.. “That’s from way, way back when I was a little kid in my pop-locking days.”

Despite being one of Hollywood’s leading men, DiCaprio remained modest about his breakdancing talent.

“[It was a] small thing,” he said.

Watch DiCaprio showing off his dancing skills in The Wolf of Wall Street below:

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