How a Teenager Was Discovered by a Top Modeling Agency at McDonald’s

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Christopher Kellie was discovered by a top modeling agency after going to McDonald’s looking for a part-time job.

Christophe Kellie, from Mount Vernon Glasgow, was studying to become a personal trainer when a trip to McDonald’s changed his life forever.

Christopher went to McDonald’s with his mother was scouted by the Colours Agency after the company’s founder spotted him in the restaurant when she was dining with her family. The model is now the face of several major brands, companies and his face is posted all over Scotland.


Speaking to the Daily Record about how he was scouted after handing in his CV to McDonald’s, he said: ‘I had just got back in her car when this crazy woman threw herself in front of it and started shouting at her to stop. I rolled down the window and she asked if I would like to be a model.

‘I thought she was joking until she handed me her card. At the time, I didn’t think about what a big deal it was – I was a typical teenager.’

It ended up being a big deal. Alison Bruce, co-owner of Colours Agency, helped Christopher become one of Scotland’s most sought-after models.

From the Daily Mail:

“I was in McDonald’s with my husband and two kids and I spotted this fresh-faced, gorgeous boy walking up to the counter.

‘I knew immediately that he had something very special. I had to follow him into the car park and literally throw myself in front of his poor mother’s car! They both thought I was a crazy woman.

‘It just happens like that sometimes. You just see a face and know they have incredible potential.’

She says people are going ‘crazy’ for him because he has a brilliant personality, as well as model good looks.

‘Everyone that books him absolutely adores him. The sky’s the limit for this boy. He just needs to continue working hard and looking after himself, and he’ll be sure to be a huge international success,’ she added.

Christopher added: ‘Fate took me to McDonald’s that day and I haven’t looked back. It’s a good job because I never heard back from McDonald’s.’

You never know when you could get discovered.