5 Famous Actors Who Were Once Homeless

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Here are 5 famous actors who were once homeless.

Famous actors easily hang out in the world’s biggest nightclubs, bump shoulders with other A-list actors, get free clothes, alcohol and movie screenings, and have millions of fans. It looks as though they have everything that money can buy, and so do their close entourage of friends and family members.

There are tons of TV shows and news articles about famous actors cars, homes, vacations and extravagant paychecks. But, a large portion of famous actors started their acting careers just like regular people. Some of famous actors even started out homeless. There are celebrities that grew up in tiny houses with no heat, in the projects, or struggling to find food. Some of them were even homeless.

The motivation to get themselves and their lives out of the streets and into the limelight might be part of what got them to where they are today.

Here are 5 famous actors that were homeless until they had their big break.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Arnold Schwarzenegger maybe known all over the world for his body building competitions, box office hit movies, and catch phrases, but did you know he was homeless? Arnold, who was born in Austria, came to the United States in hopes of of a better life. He had nothing to his name when he moved to America however, after a little luck and some money working as a bricklayer, he managed to win some body building competitions and make the transition into Hollywood movies.

4. Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank
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