Hollywood is Scared of Twitter’s New App, Periscope

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Hollywood is scared of Twitter’s new app, Periscope.

Hollywood TV and movie executives are pissed off with Twitter. According to reports, Twitter users streamed the $100 pay-per-view bout for free. They used Twitter’s live-streaming app Periscope and Meerkat to send out the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight to non-paying customers around the world.

The biggest issue with the new Twitter app is that if the live-streaming apps become more popular, the piracy will increase dramatically. The MPAA, estimates piracy costs the U.S. film industry around $6 billion every year, which is more than half of the 2014 domestic box office revenue.

HBO previously had problems with live-streams of its hit series “Game of Thrones” last year, and HBO executives blamed Twitter.

“We feel developers should have tools which proactively prevent mass copyright infringement from occurring on their apps and not be solely reliant upon notifications,” the cable network said in a statement.

Expect Hollywood to file dozens of lawsuits against the social media giant, Twitter, in the next few months, if Periscope continues to grow in popularity.

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