Here’s The Joke Donald Glover Wrote for ‘Black Panther’

donald glover atlanta
Helga Esteb /

Details surrounding Donald Glover‘s participation in Marvel’s hit movie Black Panther has finally been revealed.

While it was no secret Donald and his brother Stephen Glover were both involved in parts of the movie script, due to the movie’s recent release on DVD and Blu-Ray this past Tuesday fans now know exactly which joke came from the minds of the creative geniuses.

According to Ryan Coogler, the Glover brothers worked on the scene where T’Challa is about to become the new Black Panther and must take on any challengers for the throne. When Forest Whitaker’s Zuri asks if there are any members of the royal family that would like to challenge T’Challa, his sister Shuri raisers her hand and says, “This corset is really uncomfortable, so can we all wrap this up and go home?

Both Glover brothers were recognized in the movie’s credits. Check out a clip below.



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