HBO’s ‘True Detective’ Will Now Have Four Lead Roles

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HBO’s ‘True Detective’ will have four lead roles.

HBO’s True Detective must have a good time manipulating the emotions of his fans. But, he has a lot to celebrate. His TV show received 12 Emmy nominations on Thursday, including a nomination for Pizzolatto himself for outstanding writing for a drama series. His show recieved nominations for Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, and a nomination for outstanding drama.

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But, when it was first believed that the show would only have . It is now reported that the show will have four central roles. He recently spoke with the Daily Beast on what he plans to do with HBO’s ‘True Detective‘ Season 2. “That ballooned a little bit. I would say there are four central roles,” he says now. And we’ll have to “wait and see” if any of the leads are women, so that is an exciting development.

It’s still set in California, though. But, depending on how quickly these changes are happening. Nobody really knows for sure what is going to happen. Only, Nic Pizzolatto and he is holding out more than LeBron James and ‘The Decision 2014‘. 

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