HBO ‘True Detective’ Creator Allegedly Plagiarised Season 1

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HBO’s ‘True Detective’ is in hot water after being plagiarism allegations surface.

Nic Pizzolatto admitted that horror writer Thomas Ligotti had a major influence on HBO’s ‘True Detective’.

But, according to reports, Nic Pizzolatto allegedly plagiarized a large amount of his work from several authors and including Thomas Ligotti. Mike Davis of The Lovecraft E-zine has written a strong argument highlighting problems in the HBO ‘True Detective‘ script.

Davis argues that the famous car ride scene in the first episode is a prime example of Pizzolatto’s plagiarism:

“It is a fact that (in that crucial, character-defining scene) almost every one of Rust’s infamous lines is either taken word for word or is a paraphrase of Ligotti’s distinctive prose and ideas from ‘The Conspiracy Against the Human Race.'”

The article continues on by saying that HBO picked up the series after reading the first two scripts of ‘True Detective‘. But, the first two scripts featured a ton of plagiarized material allegeldy stolen from Thomas Ligotti.

HBO was sold upon reading the scripts for the first two episodes of the show – the episodes in which the lifting from Ligotti’s work is by far the most common. In fact, the drafts of the script they saw were often even more rife with plagiarism of Ligotti’s work than even the final product was.

You can read the full article/argument here and decide for yourself if Nic Pizzolatto plagiarize some of the best moments from True Detective?

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Photo Credit: HBO