Hackers are Holding iPhones Ransom Using Find My iPhone App

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Hackers are using ‘Find My iPhone’ app to hold iOS devices for ransom.

There are a new and weird string of iPhone kidnappings occurring in Australia and spreading into the United States.

Hackers are using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app to lock iOS devices remotely, and then demanding a ransom to unlock them. The ransom is then payable through PayPal.

Reports of the incidents first started in Australia. The first report was featured on the Apple forums this week, followed by a report of ransomed iPhones in the U.S. iPhone users are reporting that their phones are suddenly locked, with a message from ‘Find My iPhone’ saying that the device has been “hacked by Oleg Pliss.”

Olega Pliss

Instructions to unlock the phone are sent saying: Send $50 to a PayPal account and the phone will be unlocked.

It is not clear if the exploit is due to a problem in the Find My iPhone app or if people’s iCloud accounts are being hacked.

If you are worried about getting targeted and ransomed for your iPhone, change your password.

Many experts believe the recent eBay hack allowed for hackers to use credentials from other websites to log into their iCloud account.

If you have been locked, all you have to do is a factory restore of your iOS device to get your phone back. You can find the directions here.

If you have already been hacked, PayPal says they will refund the ransom money. Paypal also claims that their no account matching the email address in the ransom note.

For many people in the entertainment industry, the phone is your lifeline to your career. From production meetings, to auditions, a cell phone is your gateway to Hollywood. These recent string of attacks on iOS devices show that hackers are getting smarter and will stop at anything to steal money from you.

Do you plan on changing your password? Do you think hackers should be imprisoned for these type of ransoms? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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