Why Are So Many Germans Buying Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’?

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Germany has officially sold out of Adolf Hitler‘s ‘Mein Kampf

Ever since Mein Kampf went back on German bookshelves for the first time in 70 years, book stores cannot stock enough books to keep up with the demand for Hitler guide to killing non-whites and Jews. In less than a week of being back on the shelves, Mein Kampf has sold out in Germany.

The newly released, annotated German edition turns a 500 page book into a 2,000 page textbook and people have been buying nearly every copy of the book since it hit book stores on January 8th. Even Amazon.com sold out of copies, with the book receiving 15,000 advance orders on what was only an initial 4,000 print copy.

While the new edition contains annotations that are supposed to ““deconstruct and put into context Hitler’s writing,” The New York Times notes that many people believe that “a scholarly edition would legitimize the rantings of a sociopath who led the country down the path of evil.”

And by pure coincidence a violence erupted in the streets of Germany earlier this week between refugees and German anti-immigration groups. On New Year’s eve several women were allegedly sexually assaulted by Muslim men throughout various cities in Germany. Police are now calling it a planned event which led to 516 reported incidents of sexual assaults by refugees.

Germany Refugees
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From UPI.com:

Women reported they were groped, robbed and raped by groups of men speaking neither German nor English who appeared to be from North Africa or the Middle East. Of the 31 people charged, 18 are identified as seekers of asylum in Germany.

This sparked organized protest marches in Cologne on Satuday by groups opposing immigration from Muslim countries. In addition, they three beer bottles, stones and fire crackers at riot police, who responded back with watter cannons and tear gas. But, things are getting worse in Germany as UPI reports, at least six Pakistani nationals were attacked by a group of 20 German men.

Germany Police
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According to NBC News, many Germany people are demanding for the deportation of over a million refugees. In fact a new study “found that 57 percent feared refugee arrivals would trigger a rise in crime.”

It’s hard to say what’s causing for the increase in Mein Kampf book sales but, whatever the case may be, race relations in Germany is getting pretty tense.

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