Racism Strikes Georgia’s Film Industry


Georgia casting director reveals a racist message they have received while working on a production filming in Atlanta.

On Tuesday, CAB Castings, a casting company known for casting hit TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey’s Ambitions, Greenleaf and BET’s The Quadposted on Facebook a racist message their casting company received.

In the social media post, CAB Castings shares a screenshot of a message they received from presumably an aspiring actor in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In the lengthy message, the individual says racist remarks including African Americans are not intelligent because of how they are raised and the casting company is hiring slaves.

“No need to be NASTY,” the message reads. “And please make sure that you correct your spelling errors next time before you contact me. The correct word is WERE not WAS. But I should expect that from African Americans. Not your fault that’s just how you may have been TRAINED.”

The message continues on by saying “I PAY (MY) EMPLOYEES. So take me off your cheap Slave labor list and Do NOT Contact me any further.”

In response, CAB Castings said in the post, “I WILL NOT TOLERATE DISRESPECT TO MY TEAM OR MYSELF!!!! I soooo want to blast this person, but instead I’m just going to let you all just read it! THIS IS DISGUSTING!!! This is the world we live in….”

CAB Castings added, “Not from all but you would be shocked at the hatred/disrespect we get from folks because “they don’t fit the role” or “they want to leave early and don’t know proper set etiquette”. Its awful because we allow people who don’t really want to do this into our entertainment world and they disrespect it. These are the types of folks that make it worse for all of us!!! I am literally sitting here like this can’t be serious, but it is. Again, those who know me know I want to really say something to this person but instead i decided to take their name off and prove to you the everyday disrespect we receive from folks.”

CAB Casting is now casting for Oprah Winfrey’s new TV series Ambitions and most recently cast extras for the upcoming Issa Rae feature film Little