Film School Online? University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Theater, Film and Television

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University of California Los Angeles

Choosing between film schools is always a hard choice. From the variety of programs available to students, to the possibilities after graduation. Each of these qualities of a school should be selected upon and highlighted upon individual and then from there can an individual make their decision of which film school to attend.

But, one of the most well renowned Film Schools in the United States is University of California Los Angeles, also known as UCLA.

The Hollywood reporter remarked UCLA, University of California Los Angeles as a school with a vibe completely different than any other film school.


 UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television has long suffered in comparison with its richer and more industry-connected rival USC, but its vibe is distinctly different, with a multicultural campus that ranks among the best in California. It has benefited from such prestigious graduates as Francis Ford Coppola and Alexander Payne; from teachers like producer Peter Guber; and from its connection with the respected UCLA Film & Television Archive, whose collection is “second only to the Library of Congress. (THR).


The Hollywood Reporter’s remarks on UCLA may be true, since USC is ranked as one of the richest film schools in the world. Especially after former graduate, George Lucas donated $175 million dollars to the University of Southern California. But, don’t let money disenfranchise UCLA. Their vibe, educational system, and variety of classes puts UCLA at the top of the list for many students, and the respective academic community.

UCLA school of theater points out that their goal is to serve as a premier global interdisciplinary professional school that develops outstanding humanistic storytellers, industry leaders and scholars whose diverse, innovative voices enlighten, engage and inspire change for a better world (UCLA).

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