Film Production in Los Angeles Drops 5 Percent

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Film production in Los Angeles drops 5%

FilmLA analysts say their quarterly report findings are not typical and “at odds with other production indicators and local employment trends.”

The new quarterly FilmLA report is here, and it shows further declines in film production in Los Angeles, California.

According to the report, on-location filming in Los Angeles dropped 5.2% from July through September. In total, filmmakers recorded 9,226 shoot days during that time. Analysts working on the report said the results are unusual and “at odds with other production indicators and local employment trends.”

Last year’s third quarter saw local filming reach near-record highs. Instead, the same time this year delivered a decline in on-location films, television, and commercial production. The only categories that saw an increase were T.V. comedies and the “other” type.

Breakdown of the report

  • In T.V. production, T.V. comedy production rose 45.6% to 754 shoot days during the third quarter
  • T.V. drama production declined, slipping 28.6 percent to 1,069 shoot days
  • T.V. pilots are down 19.2 percent to 63 shoot days
  •  Web-based TV productions are down 8.7 percent to 346 shoot days
  • T.V. reality production down 6.7 percent to 1,051 shoot days

“Given what we know about the L.A. production scene, the Q3 report omits much of the story,” said FilmLA president Paul Audley. “Earlier this month, our research group published a report revealing L.A.’s significant capture of the scripted television production market. Meanwhile, union officials assure us there are ample work opportunities for local crews. We can only surmise that there is significant filming confined to area soundstages, or taking place in adjoining cities where the activity is not tracked.”

California Film Tax Credits Program

California’s updated film tax credits program appears to have a positive impact adding productions to the state. In the third quarter of 2019, 40% of all TV drama’s received film tax credits. Recent projects to receive film tax credits include the following:

  1. American Horror Story: 1984
  2.  Good Girls
  3.  Good Trouble
  4.  Lucifer
  5.  Mayans MC
  6.  Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
  7.  Perry Mason
  8.  Star Trek: Picard
  9.  SWAT
  10.  The Rookie
  11.  This Is Us
  12.  Westworld 
  13. Why Women Kill.

Movie production in Los Angeles has struggled in 2019. The state saw a 24.7% drop to 980 shoot days. Feature film projects brought to the state by California’s film incentive added 7.3% or 72 shoot days. Movies receiving film tax credits in Los Angeles include:

  1. The Little Things
  2. Revenge
  3. Covers
  4. Bliss