‘Fear the Walking Dead’ First Episode Breaks Ratings Records

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Fear the Walking Dead launches with 10.1 million viewers on the first day.

Fear the Walking Dead had some major shoes to fill. But, the companion series to The Walking Dead had record breaking ratings.

According to reportsFear the Walking Dead launched with 10.1 million viewers and that’s a HUGE deal.

When The Walking Dead premiered in 2010 the show had only 5.35 million viewers, and that record was not broken until the release of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul when the series had 6.88 million viewers after a lead-in from The Walking Dead. In fact, ratings dropped after the premiere of Better Call Saul to only 5.9 million viewers.


However, Fear the Walking Dead had 10.1 million viewers on the first day and the show didn’t even have a lead-in like The Walking Dead to help boost the ratings.

The Walking Dead has a very loyal fan base. A large majority of viewers choose to watch the show live instead of DVR viewing the series and the fifth season of The Walking Dead had 17.3 million viewers last October which lasted all 16 episodes.

AMC has already announced that they will release a 15-episode sophomore follow-up, which will be split in half just like The Walking Dead.