‘Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462’ to Air this Fall

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AMC to launch ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ zombie airplane web series this fall.

Last month, word spread that AMC was planning on bringing a standalone episode of Fear the Walking Dead to the public. Presented in the same way as The Walking Dead webisodes that ahve been featured online for previous seasons. Variety is reporting that a 16-episode Fear the Walking Dead web series is set to launch this October.

Fear the Walking Dead

Titled Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, the story “follows a group of passengers aboard a commercial airplane during an early outbreak.” Each short episode will explore the lives of those on the plane and how one infected traveler effects the passengers on board. The premiere webisode will go live on AMC.com on October 4, and will subsequently air during two commercial breaks during the season six premiere of The Walking Dead a week later. After the October 11 return of Rick and the goonies, new webisodes of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 will air online and throughout the sixth season of the network’s hit TV series.

According to reports, one of the characters featured in this new web series will end up surviving the in-flight chaos and join the cast of Fear the Walking Dead for its 15-episode second season.

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