Someone Is Using Deep Learning Technology To Put Nicolas Cage’s Face Into Every Movie

Project Casting

People are putting Nic Cage’s face on every movie.

FakeApp is a code that utilizes an algorithm and deep learning technology to scan a person’s face and place it into existing pieces of video. Since FakeApp was created, it’s been primarily been used to insert celebrity faces onto ports stars, which raises a ton of moral and ethical questions in the age of “fake news.” But also, the technology has birthed a new meme with people using FakeApp to put him into as many movies as possible. You can see Nic Cage as Indiana Jones, the T-1000, James Bond, even Lois Lane.

According to reports, there is little legal recourse for people who are having their face inserted into whatever a wielder of the tech desires, which is especially concerning as the application evolves.


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