Facebook Will Now Share Your Personal Data on Web Sites Across the World

Facebook Atlas
Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock.com

Facebook is now opening their data to serve advertisements on websites across the Internet.

Do you use Facebook? Well get ready to share your private information with the rest of the world.

Facebook is offering marketers a new service that will place ads all over the internet, not just on the social network. This new service will also allow for companies to track whether their ads leads to sales. Facebook has been planning this new advertising platform since 2013.

It’s Facebook’s push to become a web-wide ad platform like Google, through a relaunch of the “Atlas” network that Facebook bought from Microsoft for an undisclosed sum in February 2013.

The new program is expected to be better than “cookies” which is widley popular and used throughout the Internet.

The new methods are designed to address the fact that desktop ad-tracking “cookies” don’t offer demographic information like age or gender, don’t work on mobile and can’t follow users across web browsers or devices, Erik Johnson, the head of Atlas, said in a blog post. Atlas, he wrote, is dedicated to “targeting, serving and measuring across devices” — with the data users share on Facebook served up as the icing on the cake.

Previously, a user on Facebook was giving the social network the ability to sell their private information exclusively on Facebook. But, with this new platform, your private data information can now be utilized and shared throughout the Internet.

Get ready for the future:


Photo Credit: Pan Xunbin / Shutterstock.com