‘Empire of the Dead’ – AMC Picks Up ANOTHER Zombie Series

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‘Empire of the Dead’ AMC is now developing another zombie series to add to the network.

George Romero’s Empire of the Dead, which is based on the cult classic horror director’s zombie comic book series set in New York City, is headed to AMC as a TV series.

This news comes as part of a local news report looking at Wizard World Louisville, in which the comic book artist Arthur Suydam broke the news.

Holding up a copy of the comic book for the camera, Suydam said that he had just finished work on the series and that “This just got signed by AMC, so it’s going to be the next, big zombie series on AMC.”

This project was previously in development several years ago as a TV show, but there were no reports for such a long time many people believed it was stuck in “development hell”.

But, what is this new Empire of the Dead series?Empire of the Dead is a sequel to the classic zombie flick Night of the Living Dead. 

Empire of the Dead
Empire of the Dead

This would be the third zombie series for AMC, which seems like over kill. With The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead both guaranteed at least one more season on the network. It would be just the latest comic book series turned TV series for the network. But, many people are thinking that this may be overkill for the network. Just last Friday, AMC network executives told Wall Street analysts not to worry about the network, after Fear the Walking Dead ratings plummeted during the summer. According to Deadline, AMC CEO told analysts not to worry about the Fear the Walking Dead ratings.

Wall Street is spooked after seeing ratings slide for the first four episodes of the sixth season for the zombie series, one of AMC’s biggest profit drivers.

Yet Sapan says he’s “quite pleased,” especially since “the competition for live viewing has been particularly intense.” The NFL matches on Sundays have been stronger than last year’s, and the show was up against the baseball playoffs.

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