‘Dora The Explorer’ Acting Auditions Leak Online (VIDEO)

Project Casting

Auditions for Michael Bay‘s Dora The Explorer have leaked online.

The upcoming Michael Bay live-action production, Dora The Explorer, is ramping up production and holding auditions for lead roles in the new movie.

According to reports, filming is expected to begin next month in Australia with several audition tapes leaking online. Omega Underground has reportedly uncovered a new audition tape for the role of Sammy read by an unknown actress named Mila Mary. The audition seems to allude that Sammy joins Dora along with her cousin Diego on their adventures in the wild. It seems to suggest the film will be a teen version of Tomb Raider and Mean Girls, according to the news outlet.

:: Scene 1 ::

Off-Screen Dora – “Give those back”

Off-Screen Diego – “Come on man….”

Sammy – “Stop. Learn what no means. Be a better feminist”

Off-Screen Diego – “…I didn’t…I just”

Sammy – “No excuses. Just scram. [Looks around] There is a pep rally going on. I don’t know know why you all aren’t in the gym. Especially you. [Looks at Dora] Little girl talk. You’re messing up my school. Stop ruining our GPA’s. Stop letting dangerous spider’s loose. Stop injuring all our players. And stop getting to lunch early to eat all the Mac & Cheese. Got it.”

Off-Screen Dora – “I’m sorry.”

Sammy – “Don’t say sorry to me. Say sorry to your cousin Derek.”

Off-Screen Dora – “Diego”

Sammy – “…right. He was this close to being cool. Before you.”

:: Scene 2 ::

Off-Screen Diego “Incoming!”

Sammy – “Oh my god! That fox does work for humans.”

Off-Screen Diego – “They were the protectors apparently. I thought you said they were just legends! I guess they are legends like Mohammad Ali except alive and after us. They must be the ones that kidnapped your parents. We have to move faster than we’ve been moving.”

Sammy – “I wanna go home”

Off-Screen Diego – “I don’t think that is exactly possible considering people trying to shoot at us are back that way. Also! There’s no rope bridge.”

Sammy – “I’m done here. I wanna go home! I wanna be staring at my phone in  a ice cold room drinking a frozen coffee beverage. I know that sounds basic but that’s what I want right now. She’s a badass. She can come for the both of us! Why do all women have to represent everything for all women. Why can’t I just say I hate this and it sucks. And not feel bad about it? And by the way that Boots song was a lie. It was totally dangerous! Arrows was raining down on me! What the heck was that?  Hmm?”

Dora the Explorer hits theaters on August 2nd, 2019.