#DenzelisJamesBond: Denzel Washington Wants to Play James Bond

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Denzel Washington wants to play James Bond.

According to a Vanity Fair, the critically acclaimed actor, Denzel Washington has his eyes on the iconic James Bond role.

Denzel Washington recently participated in an AMA Question and Answer session on Reddit last friday to promote his new movie ‘The Equalizer’. In between answering questions about love, life and pizza, a user asked Washington, if he would be interested in being the next James Bond?

Denzel Washington James Bond
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“The next James Bond? They better hurry up! Yes I would!” the Academy Award winner said. “Who’s doing James Bond now..Daniel Craig! Did they shoot another one?” “Everybody should tweet Denzel is James Bond! Send it to the studio!” he replied to user BigTalk45. “We start the Denzel is Bond campaign today!”

It is hard to tell if Washington was serious, or if he was joking. But, the twitter trend has started users have already started tweeting the hashtag, #DenzelisJamesBond and it looks like it can go viral.


This isn’t the first time producers asked Denzel Washington if he was interested in playing James Bond. “It’s too late now.” Washington laughed as he added, “Old James Bond.” But, at the age of 59 Washington still looks like he can still do an amazing job as James Bond.


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