Dealing with Stress and Anxiety in the Entertainment Industry

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Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is common in any workplace. It would not matter if you were the Front Service Clerk (Bag Boy) at Publix, to the headlining star for an upcoming stand up comedy show. Stress and anxiety is everywhere. But, as a result it is imperative that as an aspiring artist, or an established talent come up with a list of techniques that can help a person manage their daily obstacles that confront them in the entertainment industry.

One of the biggest or stressful moments that any person can experience is fearing the unexpected. For example, what I often hear is someone who was recently looking for his next audition, and everyone was getting roles but he was left in the dust. Weeks later it becomes apparent that the stress has taken over. Mostly because  he or she will have lower self esteem, lack of confidence, and just look horrible.

Another problem, that often affects actors and actresses is feeling overwhelmed. From long hours on set, to memorizing pages worth of dialogue. The struggle to make a perfect project, scene, or environment can be extremely stressful.

Research has shown that simply talking about your problems does not make you feel better (Psychology Today). This at first may be confusing, almost perplexing. But, it requires first discovering your problems, and then coming up with a plan to solve your problem. By doing this, studies have shown that people’s stress, anxiety, and happiness all changed for the better. Therefore, when facing problems in the entertainment industry remember to focus on solving the problem, instead of dwelling in it.

It will make the world of a difference.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to overcome stress? Does stress bother you so much that it becomes impossible to handle? Leave us a comment below we would love to hear your story!

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