Daniel Radcliffe Apologizes to Crew for Using Racial Slurs [VIDEO]

Project Casting

Daniel Radcliffe wanted his castmates to know that he’s sorry for using racial slurs.

Daniel Radcliffe is currently on tour promoting his new movie Imperium and he recently stopped by The Daily Show to discuss his new project.

Imperium is based on the real-life experiences of an FBI agent who went undercover with white supremacists. But, playing someone who was pretending to be a white supremacists was not easy for the Harry Potter actor.

Radcliffe explained that he had some awkward conversations with his co-workers. Radcliffe told Trevor Noah that after shooting scenes in which he used the N-word and other racial slurs, he had to go up to his co stars and apologize.

Daniel said he knew that they he didn’t mean what he was saying, but he still felt like had to say “sorry” for saying such horrible things.

On a lighter note, there was one thing that Radcliffe was surprised by when shooting the movie he said, “I, obviously, had to shave my head… I did that on camera and I was happy to find out I don’t have a strangely shaped or marked head in anyway.”


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