Coronavirus: Warner Bros Launches an Anonymous COVID-19 Reporting System

Warner Bros
March 15, 2019. The home page of the Warner Brothers website, view through a magnifying glass. Warner Brothers company logo is visible. Soft focus. - Image (Marko Aliaksandr /

Warner Bros. has reportedly created an anonymous reporting system in Europe.

The mission of the new anonymous reporting is to alert the studio if the cast and crew witness people breaking COVID-19 production safety protocols.

This news comes after Warner Bros. announced production for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and ‘The Batman’ is heading back into production in the UK following a Coronavirus COVID-19 production shutdown.

Kevin Trehy, Warner Bros executive Vice President of physical production reportedly discussed the importance of safety and adhering to guidelines.

Deadline reports he told an industry panel in a behind-closed-doors meeting, that “No-one knows what a schedule looks like in the new normal,” and there is a need for longer pre-productions allowing sets to “pivot” when things are not going as planned.

In related news, Atlanta’s film industry is reportedly back in action. Currently, the Georgia Film Commission says 14 productions are now in preproduction or have started filming. However, Deadline reports there are several others who are early preproduction and plan on filming as early as next week.

Productions currently filming include ‘Black Adam’ starring Dwayne Johnson, Season 13 of Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Lifetime’s ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ and Tyler Perry’s ‘Sistas’ and ‘The Oval’. It is important to note that while ‘Black Adam’ is now in preproduction in Georgia, filming is not expected to start until next year.

In addition, independent films including ‘Home Safe’, ‘Terror Lake Drive’, ‘Don’t Waste Your Pretty’. and ‘Double Kidnapped’.

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