Coronavirus: Louisiana’s Film Industry Set to Resume Filming This July

New Orleans
Image Credit mana5280 via Unsplash

Louisiana’s film industry is preparing to resume filming this July 2020.

According to WDSU, Louisiana’s film industry is preparing for a comeback following the Coronavirus COVID-19 shutdown. According to reports, the film industry is planning to get back to work in late July 2020.

Producers and production crews are set to start filming in Lousiana as soon as late July as the film industry is preparing to make major Coronavirus COVID-19 health-related changes.

“There could possibly be four weeks of training, two more weeks of quarantining before everybody’s ready to go and then we could potentially have one to three per week testings done for each crew member as we actually go through the process of production,” said Jason Waggenspack with The Ranch Film Studios.

Producers say they hope the huge demand for content will boost Louisiana’s film industry. In related news, TV executives are asking writers to rewrite scenes to allow productions to follow Coronavirus safety guidelines, which means fewer extras, more CGI, and fewer opportunities for smaller speaking roles.

As Coronavirus COVID-19 reopening process is spreading across the world, many studios are preparing for upcoming productions. That said, there is a level of uncertainty on how to film a TV show or movie and still follow Coronavirus production guidelines.

According to a new report by the Hollywood Reporterstudios are asking showrunners to cut background extras, reconsider filming sex and fight scenes, and remove some scenes.

On June 11th, Lacey Rose with The Hollywood Reporter, detailing the impact of the Coronavirus and new filming guidelines is having on the film industry.  Many showrunners are waiting to change their scripts because they do not want to rewrite an episode multiple times while filming guidelines change.

“What we’re telling our writers is ‘Don’t be dumb,’ ” one executive told Hollywood Reporter. They added crowd scenes with several background actors would not work saying, “We’re not going to be able to shoot it, so don’t write it.”