Study Finds 75% of People Are Willing to Go to Back to the Movies

Box Office Movie Theater
A young woman is upset about spilling her popcorn on the floor in a movie theater

If Coronavirus safety measures are set up, a majority of people are willing to go back to the movies.

According to an EDO moviegoer study called “Movie Theaters and Social Distancing,” 75% reported if theaters added certain safety measurements, they were more likely to return to movie theaters upon their reopening.

Safety measures important to those surveyed include:

  • Hand sanitizer stations throughout the building
  • Limited showtimes to allow for extended cleaning times between screenings
  • Cinema employees wearing facemarks
  • Employees getting temperatures checked before work
  • Attendees wearing facemarks

On a side note, 60% of those surveyed they were open to getting their temperatures taken when they go to the theater.

As we reported earlier this week, Amazon was considering acquiring AMC theaters. AMC Theaters’ stock increased 42.4% on Monday after reports Amazon was considering acquiring the company.

According to reports, Amazon and the company’s CEO Jeff Bezos are “circling” the theater company and have held talks about a “potential takeover of AMC by Amazon.” That said, there is no word if these negotiations are still active or if the deal is settled.

As a result of the report, AMC Entertainment Holdings saw their stock increase 42.7 percent on Monday morning, more than double the company’s record low close on April 13th.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic had a disastrous impact on the movie theater franchise. Due to the outbreak, the company had to shut down all of their locations and putting the future of the company in jeopardy. In addition, the company announced it would stop showing Universal Pictures films in its theaters after the studio to send a few hit movies went straight to video on demand.

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