Coronavirus: Hollywood Actors are Refusing to Get Back to Work

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Hollywood is preparing Coronavirus rules and guidelines to restart production, but some actors are not interested in returning to work.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has shutdown production across the country if not, the world. However, the multi-billion dollar industry is thinking about the future and how Hollywood will start up once the pandemic is over.

According to a new report by The Hollywood Reporterstudios and unions are considering ways to restart the film industry. The goal is to make sure the cast and crew are safe on set. Rules to avoid exposure to the virus include the end of a communal craft services table, inviting friends and family over to the set, and even kissing scenes unless there is a Coronavirus vaccine.

The report explains Disney, Warner Bros., IATSE, Pinewood Studios, Directors Guild of America, and various film commissions are working on the way to reopen the film industry.

California film commissioner Colleen Bell told The Hollywood Reporter, “There will be new production procedures and protocols that are rooted in safeguarding health, but what exactly they’ll end up being will look different for, say, a small production company compared to a large studio.”

Smaller productions will more likely start filming before the more significant budget projects. “What we’re hearing is that when production begins to reopen, it’ll be done in phases,” FilmLA president Paul Audley told THR. “And the first phase most likely will include a numbers restriction and social distancing measures, so that would mean that any film permits will only be issued for very small productions.”

Currently, producers and studios hope productions to start as early as July to August but, that may be too soon.

Los Angeles health officials are meeting with reps and Hollywood influencers to see how to start productions and answer questions such as how do we make sure the cast and crew are safe on set.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios has already started working on providing a cleaner environment. According to the report, the leading production facility installed handwashing stations on set. “I’m usually excited about a great script, but right now, I’m finding that I’m excited to be coming up with handwashing solutions,” Pinewood president Frank Patterson told THR.

To avoid a large group of people working on the set. Productions are considering stopping large numbers of extras working on scenes and implementing badges for each department, so departments to limit access to certain areas of a production facility.

The plan is to have a rapid antigen test, depending upon availability. The idea is crew members could have an “immunity passport”. However, studies suggest people have the possibility of getting reinfected with the virus.

However, some actors are refusing to go back to work. Frank Sicoli, Los Angeles-based CEO of studio operator First City told The Hollywood Reporter, says, “You can’t get the industry back on track if the actors are worried about their safety,” he explains.

Here’s an expected list of rules:

  • Gloves and masks must be worn on set. Unless you’re not an actor working on camera
  • Intimate scenes or scenes where two actors need to be close together will be edited in post-production.
  • Everything on the set will need to be cleaned and disinfected
  • Cameras, props, construction materials, and wardrobe will have to go through a multi-step cleaning process
  • Hand washing and hand sanitizing stations must be installed.
  • Crew members can not share tools

In relevant news, Tyler Perry is working on a plan to reopen Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. According to TMZ, Tyler Perry is planning on opening his 330-acre Atlanta Studio Complex but, with some new rules.

TMZ’s sources say productions filmed at his facility will have the cast and crew check-in on the first day. Tyler Perry Studios will test everyone, and those who are found negative will be allowed on to the lot, where they will live for the duration of filming.

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