Coronavirus: CW’s ‘The Flash’ Shuts Down Production Due to COVID-19 Positive Case (Report)

The Flash Cast
SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 11: The cast of "The Flash" arriving at the press room for the 2015 Comic Con International convention in the Bayfront Hilton Hotel on July 11, 2015 in San Diego, CA. Editorial credit: CarlaVanWagoner /

CW’s The Flash shuts down production due to a positive COVID case, according to reports.

As the second pandemic wave begins to rise, we will probably see a lot more production shutdowns that we previously experienced this March. As a result, some studios will be shutting things down in the coming weeks. A few shows, including Netflix’s The Witcher and Apple TV+ Myrhic Quest, have already stopped production amid new Coronavirus cases. Now, according to Deadline, CW’s The Flash is already facing a similar scenario after an unidentified production member tested positive for COVID-19, which caused all production to pause “out of an abundance of caution.”

The production crew member was reportedly given an asymptomatic diagnosis through “rigorous testing protocols implemented by The Flash studio Warner Bros. TV.” Contact tracing will begin, and until that is completed, Warner Bros. has suspended production, causing the studio to reevaluate the current filming schedule. All affected employees close the positive COVID-19 case are self-isolating, and there is no timeline as to how long it will take for the show to resume production. Previous shows have wide ranges, including one day to two-week shutdowns.

The Flash is currently filming in Vancouver and has already seen a delay in production due to a backlog of COVID-19 tests.

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