Comcast & Time Warner Merge to Become One

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Comcast Buys Time Warner

Comcast plans to purchase Time Warner Cable for a mere $45 billion dollars. If the Comcast & Time Warner plan is approved, it could affect new customers, as well as, existing customers.

Experts believe that the merge could create stronger WIFI connections, network speeds, as well as, video experiences. After Comcast purchases Time Warner Cable, current Time Warner customers will probably have their current contracts sold to other providers, since Comcast plans to divest nearly three million customers.

Current Comcast customers can expect to receive new features that only Time Warner Cable offered. Features, such as the playback feature, which allows customers to restart a program that is currently in progress. Another feature is the Look Back feature that allows customers to watch programs that have aired up to three days prior to the air date (without a DVR).

Comcast plans to maintain the same 30,000 WiFi hotspots that Time Warner Cable currently has. Comcast also plans to keep Time Warner’s home security system, as well as, IntelligentHome.

photo credit: alykat via photopin cc