The Creepy Stalker that Followed 'Clarissa Explains It All'

Melissa Joan Hart reveals the scary details about the stalker that followed her.

Melissa Joan Hart is one of the most famous actors on TV especially during the 1990s. She had several major TV roles as a kind including Clarissa in Clarissa Explains It All, a relatable teen who loved to break the fourth wall. She then became Sabrina, the girl with magical powers, a crazy group of aunts and a talking cat called Salem on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. But, while she was extremely famous as a kid, she had a dangerous stalker following her. In a recent interview with Vice, Melissa Joan Hart talked about her acting career such as her biggest regrets. She argues that she hated doing horror movies as a kid but she was forced to do it.
I was getting offered a lot of horror movies. I didn't really like the genre or wanna be a part of it. So I think at that point I talked my way out of a movie career. That's something I'd go back and adjust.
But, the most frightening experience would be her creepy stalker. The stalker was so frightening she was forced to hire Tom Cruise's bodyguards and her family refused to tell her what the stlalker was saying about her.
What's the closest you've come to having a stalker? I have a few. Scotland Yard actually found one for me and arrested him apparently. It was when I was doing Sabrina Down Under in Australia and no one would tell me what the threats were but apparently they were so horrific that Tom Cruise's bodyguards had to protect me for a few months out in Australia. I guess it was a boy from the UK as it was Scotland Yard. I do have a few restraining orders now. A lot of men seem to think I'm their wife? These deranged men. Luckily I have a very big husband and lots of dogs.
It's scary to think a young child actress has to be protected by a group of bodyguards because one deranged fan. I'm glad to see Melissa Joan Hart evolve her acting career and move past such a scary situation. Via VICE

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