Christian Bale’s ‘Exodus’ Movie Nearly a Box Office Disaster

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Ridley Scott’s controversial movie, Exodus: Gods and Kings opened this weekend, which had everyone expecting the movie to be a box office disaster.

While the movie was not the biggest bomb ever, the movie didn’t get a return on their investment. Exodus cost the studio $140 million to make but, the movie only made $25.5 million in the US and $50 million internationally. In comparison, Noah, the other historical bible movie, opened in March to $43.7 million and later earned $101 million.

Rotten Tomatoes currently rates Noah at 77% approval and Exodus 28% and many critics didn’t really like Exodus, calling the movie ‘Exodus: Gods and ZZZ”

Why did he make this movie? Because he hates horses? His only real contribution to this story is special fx, which weren’t really that good, and when Joel Edgerton starts yelling “I AM THE GOD!”, I could see his lips moving, but all I heard was the sound of Ridley Scott’s paycheck clearing. [FilmDrunk]

Many people also assumed that African-American moviegoers were going to boycott the film following the Twitter hashtag, #BoycottExodus went viral after people called the casting for the production “racist”. However, according to Spencer Klein, the executive vice president of theatrical distribution at Fox, “We got the religious audience, but the opening audience was much more diverse than just that.”

The debut audience was 54% male and 65% over the age of 25, and the film played particularly well to Hispanic and African-American moviegoers, who made up 18% and 20% of the crowd, respectively.

2014 is down 5% in comparison to 2013 so far. This weekend Annie, The Hobbit: Battle of The Five Armies, and Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, hits theaters. What movie do you plan on seeing this weekend? Did you watch Exodus? What did you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!