Chipotle Closes 40 Restaurants After E. coli Outbreak

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Chipotle shuts down 40 restaurants after feeding people E.Coli loaded burrito bowls.

Chipotle restaurant chain closed more than 40 stores after an outbreak of E. coli in Washington and Oregon, according to a statement from the Washington State Department of Health.

About 30% sent people to the hospital.

A spokesperson for Chipotle said in a statement that people who got sick ate at six different Chipotle restaurants.

“After being notified by health department officials in the Seattle and Portland, Ore. areas that they were investigating approximately 20 cases of E. coli, including people who ate at six of our restaurants in those areas, we immediately closed all of our restaurants in the area out of an abundance of caution, even though the vast majority of these restaurants have no reported problems.”

It’s been a pretty bad year for Chipotle’s food safety record. Earlier this year, two lawsuits were filed in Minnesota and California claiming Chipotle food caused salmonella and norovirus outbreaks.

In fact, according to the Food Poison Journal, there have been at several outbreaks linked to Chipotle’s food over the past seven years.

Have you eaten Chipotle lately? Well, here are the symptoms associated with E.coli infection, according to the Mayo Clinic:

Among the many strains of E. coli, only a few trigger diarrhea. One group of E. coli — which includes O157:H7 — produces a powerful toxin that damages the lining of the small intestine, which can cause bloody diarrhea. You develop an E. coli infection when you ingest this strain of bacteria.

Unlike many other disease-causing bacteria, E. coli can cause an infection even if you ingest only small amounts. Because of this, you can be sickened by E. coli from eating a slightly undercooked hamburger or from swallowing a mouthful of contaminated pool water.


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