Cheeto That Looks LIke Harambe Sells for Nearly $100,000 on Ebay

Project Casting

A Cheeto that apparently resembles the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe has reached nearly $100,000 in bids on Tuesday morning with $99,900, as of writing this report.

The seller, who is based out of Los Angeles, California, says the offer is nonrefundable.

“I opened up a bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos and as soon as I looked inside I came across this unique Cheetos that looks like Harambe the gorilla,” according to the item . “It measures up to about 1 1/2 inches in length.”

The real Harambe was killed last May by a zoo staffer after a child fell into the animal’s cage. Zoo officials reportedly said it was necessary to save the child’s life. As a result, the gorilla’s death outraged many people after people said gorilla did not have to die because it was the result’s of the boy’s parents lack of parenting.

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