Channing Tatum and Shia LeBouf Ended Friendship Over Method Acting

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Channing Tatum recently admitted that he partied too hard with Shia LeBeouf and it may have ended their friendship.

It all started while the two were filming the 2006 movie, “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints“. Shia LaBeouf who played the lead in the movie, told GQ in 2008 that Channing Tatum ordered him to break into a Barnes and Nobles and steal a Spider-man bookmark. And when LeBeouf didn’t do it, Tatum did.

But, in a recent article in GQ, Tatum claims that LeBeouf is a liar. But, all of it centered on becoming a better “method actor”.

“Yeah, but none of it was true. We were drinking. And I think our initial thing was ‘Alright, let’s go out and try and get in a fight!’ This was just young dumb idiot actors thinking that that’s going to bond us. Because we’ll shed blood together blah blah blah. Just stupid actors thinking that they have to try and be method.”

He later says that even though method acting is not wrong, you should not start fights with people.

“I’m not saying anything about method actors, but to go and try to fight somebody to become the character? I think that’s a little immature, in hindsight. But it felt real and sort of visceral at the time.


Channing Tatum said he didn’t bash any windows at the Barnes and Nobles, he did say he did bash another window.

“We were just running and being hoodlums and throwing trash bags down streets and just being stupid. We were trying to be like eighties hoodlums. And I think as we were running I kicked this thing, not thinking that it would ever shatter. And everything just went raining down. And I was like ‘oh shit.’ And then we just took off running.”

The night hit a tipping point when LeBeouf punched a cop car.

“We all just ran in opposite directions. I didn’t hide under a car, I dove in some trash bags,” Tatum said. “In hindsight it’s the funniest thing in the world — just typical actors trying too hard. It’s only fun because we didn’t get caught … that I can have perspective on it now and know it was stupid. I don’t think we were thinking.”

Channing Tatum has since moved on from this stint of vigilantism while Shia LeBeouf has been in the media for plagiarism and coining the phrase, “I am not famous anymore.”

“The kid’s an incredible actor,” Tatum said. “I just wish that he would just act. Just act, man!”

Tatum stars in “22 Jump Street” in June, followed by “Jupiter Ascending” in July.

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