California Extends Film Tax Credits To 2025


California Governor Jerry Brown has officially announced an extension of the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program. The program offers tax credits to films and TV shows filmed in California and has been credited with keeping some of Hollywood’s biggest movies from leaving the West Coast and moving to other states like Georgia and Louisiana.

The Film Tax Credit program was signed in 2014 and allocates $100 million in tax credits for projects shot in California and in 2016, that program was expanded to $330 million to allow for blockbusters to join in on the fun.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest movies including Paramount’s Bumblebee and Marvel’s Captain Marvel have been granted film tax credits through the state’s program.  The extension will now allow for further tax credits for indie and smaller budget projects.

The Entertainment Union Coalition, which includes major Hollywood unions like SAG-AFTRA, DGA, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 399, praised the extension in a statement released Wednesday.

“As a coalition that represents working men and women of the entertainment industry, we are elated that the California film and television production tax credit program has been extended through 2025,” the statement read. “Our members are those who lose when film and television production leaves this state and they are also the direct beneficiaries when it returns to and stays in California.”

“In 2014, when we worked to enact the California Film and Television Tax Credit Program 2.0, we told the state legislature it would bring production back and reverse the dismal lack of work our members faced. Now, four years after the 2.0 program launched, more than 45,000 of our working California members have been re-employed or employed, with $ 2.3 billion in wages paid to below-the-line workers.”