Brad Pitt’s ‘Allied’ Releases New Movie Trailer [VIDEO]

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Allied starring Brad Pitt releases a new movie trailer.

Brad Pitt is back. Brad Pitt’s new movie Allied released a movie trailer on Friday and it’s pretty intense. In the new movie, AlliedBrad Pitt plays a U.S. intelligence officer, who travels to North Africa and meets French soldier Marianne Beausejour in the 1940s. Beausejour travels behind enemy lines and go on a deadly mission. When they are reunited in London, their relationship is threatened by an upcoming war.

This is not the first time Brad pitt has starred in a World War II period feature film. In fact, he recently played a tank commander alongside Shia LaBeouf in Fury. In 2009, he played Lt. Aldo in Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar-winning movie Inglorious Bastards. 

Allied was directed by Robert Zemeckis and is based on a screenplay written by Steven Knight. Steven Knight, creator of the hit Netflix series Peaky Blinders and Taboo. Knight is also the writer and director of the hit Tom Hardy movie Locke.

Knight recently opened up about the movie and explained that he was inspired by real-life events. “It’s based on a story that was told to me personally when I was about 21 years old,” he told Collider last year. “I’ve always known it would be a film, and now it’s gonna be the ultimate. I can’t believe the cast we’ve got, I can’t believe the director we’ve got, it’s just a dream.”

Allied hits theaters on November 23rd. Check out the movie trailer below.


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