Jennifer Lawrence Was Amazing in ‘Big Lebowski’ Live Read

Project Casting

Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and the cast of the latest “X-Men” did a live reading of the ‘Big Lebowski‘ in Montreal and it was amazing.

According to reports, the stars participated in a pop-up of director Jason Reitman’s Live Read series. Normally held in Los Angeles, the “Up In the Air” director staged the Coen Brothers classic movie “The Big Lebowski.”

In the live reading Michael Fassbender played Jeff Bridges’ iconic part of The Dude, complete with a tattered bathrobe, while Lawrence took on Julianne Moore’s role of Maude.

In addition, Olivia Munn joined the cast recreating Tara Reid’s Bunny alongside Patton Oswalt, T.J. Miller, “Silicon Valley” creator Mike Judge and Martin Starr.

Jennifer Lawrence will appear in David O. Russell’s “Joy,” while Fassbender’s next project will be ‘Macbeth’.