We Finally Know What Atlanta is Going to Do With Turner Field

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After it was announced that the Atlanta Braves stadium was moving, thousands of people across city wondered, what is the City of Atlanta going to do with an abandoned stadium?

Well, a new report suggests that we may begin to find out what’s happening to former Atlanta Braves stadium.

According to reports, Georgia State University and Atlanta developers have been selected to become the new owners of Turner field and the surrounding parking lots. But, what’s going in place of the Atlanta Braves stadium? Well, a $300 million project plans on turning Turner Field into a football stadium and housing for Georgia State University and possibly another stadium.

Turner Field
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“After a through review of all the proposals, including in person presentations, the Board of the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Recreation Authority has a preferred bidder and will commence negotiations immediately,” AFCRA Board Chairman William Whitner told reporters in a press released announced by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

According to CLATL.com, nearby communities wanted a survey to be held prior to construction.

Nearby communities had hoped that the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority, the entity that oversees Turner Field, Zoo Atlanta, and Philips Arena, would wait until communities could complete a study of the area’s future. That exercise began two weeks ago. AFCRA did inform potential bidders that the communities’ desires should be taken into account.

Other prospective buyers included the Mercury Youth Organization and Rita World Pearl Kingdom LLC.

“A nonprofit that envisioned an indoor track and luxury housing, and Rita World Pearl Kingdom LLC, a mysterious entity that virtually no one has heard of”.

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H/T: CLATL.com Image Credit:photo credit: The Crew via photopin (license)