Disney is PISSED About Amy Schumer’s Star Wars Photos

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Lucasfilm and Disney is pissed about these Amy Schumer Star Wars photos.

When you invest billions of dollars into a franchise you want to protect it. That’s why Disney is pretty pissed off with GQ and Amy Schumer.

Earlier this week GQ Magazine revealed photos from their latest issue featuring ‘Trainwreck’ star Amy Schumer in joking, sexual situations with several ‘Star Wars’ characters including C3PO and R2-D2 and on Friday, Lucasfilm responded.

In a Twitter post by the official ‘Star Wars’ account, they said the following: “Lucasfilm & Disney didn’t approve, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner.”

It’s pretty clear that GQ and Schumer didn’t mean to disrespect the billion dollar Lucasfilm franchise with these photos. They are supposed to be funny and provocative. However, Disney is not in the provocative and sexually suggestive business and Disney executives were not too happy too their billion dollar characters alongside queen of sexual humor, Amy Schumer.

Either way, Amy Schumer’s movie ‘Trainwreck’ did considerably well in the box office with reports saying that LeBron James didn’t even take a single acting class before jumping on board.

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