Actress Amber Tamblyn Discusses Playing a Lesbian on a Primetime Series

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Ever wonder what it is like to play a gay or lesbian character in a popular TV series?

Actress Amber Tamblyn of “Two And A Half Men”, recently appeared onĀ “Running Later With Scott Rogowsky” last week to discuss her experience as an actress playing a lesbian character on the popular sitcom series.

“Two and a Half Men” has been called one of the most sex-positive, queer-friendly shows on television” but, this is only after Charlie Sheen’s exit. During Charlie Sheen’s lead appearance on the series, the show was argued as as a show that was primarily geared towards straight men and continously put down the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. They series was also known for putting woman as the but of the joke. However, according to Amber Tamblyn, the series had a compelete change.

“It’s great to play a lesbian character that is not the butt of jokes and that is actually the one that supplies the jokes and oftentimes is not cast as the villain in a sitcom,” she told Rogowsky in the above clip, “or a stereotype or any of those things… I think they’ve got a lot of young, great writers and it’s kind of amazing for a show like that to go through the changes that it has and really come from being a show that was primarily for men and male-based jokes to jokes that, really, a lot of women and a lot of friends of mine who are gay and even transgender love it.”

Check out the video clip to hear more about Tamblyn’s experiences playing a lesbian role on “Two and a Half Men”. Make sure to check out the series on CBS.

Photo Courtesy of Amber Tamblyn Facebook