TWD Fans Bash Latest Episode: 'Walking Dead' Goes Too Far

Fans are afraid that The Walking Dead may have crossed the line last Sunday.

Steven Yeun showed the world once again why Glenn is one of our favorite characters during this week's episode of The Walking Dead.  In an incredible gut-wrenching scene, Glenn was forced to kill two members of The Saviors in their sleep, which is basically in cold blood. The actor grapples with his emotions, and morality during these moments, as he and Heath previously discussed how neither of them has had to kill another human being. But, in an interview with TheWrap, the show's executive producer, Greg Nicotero, discussed the emotional scene. “My job as the director is to create an environment where these guys can go to these horrible, dark places. And that’s about as dark as you can get.” Nicotero added: “Emotionally, I wanted Steven to feel every fiber of that moment and that anguish,” he continued. “So we created a prosthetic head that was flawless. And we attached it to a dummy body and our props guy, Adam, I laid his arm across the torso so when Steven entered he saw a real hand with a [wedding> ring on it. It took him to this other place. It was as real to him as it could possibly be.” But, some people are not too happy with the episode. In a New York Post article, "The Walking Dead Finally Crosses the Line" written by Lindsay Putnam, argues the latest episode "may have been the most depraved hour of network television, ever" From NY Post:

The “Walking Dead” is no stranger to violence. But, in most cases, the most brutal deaths were well-deserved. Rick and the others were simply getting revenge for crimes that had been committed against them — overtaking the Governor and Woodbury, massacring the cannibals at Terminus, slaughtering the Wolves after they attacked Alexandria. This would be the first time they attacked a group unprovoked, with no first-hand knowledge of whether or not their victims are deserving of death.

And Putnam is not alone. Fans of The Walking Dead took to Twitter to bash the latest episode.

What do you think? Did The Walking Dead go too far? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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