10 Interesting TV Facts You Did Not Know

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Nielsen has just released their annual report on the State of the Media and some of the statistics are shocking.

The report analyzes and crunches the numbers for how much television the average person watches or how much money a TV series makes off of commercials, etc.

In the last couple of years the  number of channels available for people has increased which, has allowed for companies to connect with people in different ways.

With the rise of Netflix and Video Game consoles, people are now able to watch television shows off different kinds of devices and platforms. But, with so many different ways that a person could watch a television show, how do advertisers connect with their target audience? According to the report, shorter 15 second commercials are just as effective as longer 30 second commercials. The best commercials were those that entertained first and then informed the consumer; The more entertaining the commercial, the more likely a person was to remember the product or brand. This then translates into an increase in the number of advertisements on television as it has increased to 15 minutes of commercials every hour.

That despite the increase in the number of channels an average household has, people have remained constant about which channels they watch. (For example, the average number of channels in 2013 is 189 but the average person watches only 17 channels).

The most popular type of show people currently watch are Dramas. People are actively setting their schedule around television drama series. That is why so many networks put their best dramatic series on Sundays to capture people’s attention.

Here are ten facts that we discovered about TV consumption in 2013 from the Nielsen report. If you are someone that enjoys learning today’s trend, it is worth checking out the entire report.

1. Advertisers spend the most on the Drama genre.

2. Asian-Americans watch more media on their mobile device than any other ethnicity, averaging 4 hours per person per month. While, African Americans watch the most Netflix than any other ethnicity.

3. The Number of Hours of TV the average viewer watches per month: 175

4. The average cost for a 30 second advertisement on Primetime is $7,800

5. The average person watches 3 and half hours of Youtube per month

6. The average number of channels a person watches is 17.5

7. You watch more commercials now than you did last year.

8. Companies spent $78 Billion dollars on TV Ads.

9. Most watched TV Night is Sunday. The least watched TV Night is Friday.

10. The Average person watches 18 hours of Netflix and Hulu per month.