Golden Globes: Tom Hanks Impression of Denzel is AMAZING

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Tom Hanks introduced Denzel Washington as the recipient of the 2016 Cecil B. DeMille award with amazing style, grace and acting abilities.

It helps that he’s one of the few actors in Hollywood that could work side by side with Washington himself. It’s not an easy job to bestow a major award to a legendary actor, icon, and activist like Denzel Washington. In fact, King Kong ain’t got **** on him.

But what no one could probably see coming was Tom Hanks impression of Denzel Washington’s acting. That’s right, when Tom Hanks performed his best Denzel impression, it was so good it made Denzel break into laughter.

Denzel Washington, who was probably still laughing after Donald Trump, struggled to give a great speech but, you could easily tell that Denzel was simply enjoying the glorious moment with his family.

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