Henry Thomas’ Audition for E.T. is the Best Audition You Will Ever See [VIDEO]

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Henry Thomas’ Audition for E.T. is so moving and so realistic you will think it is real.

Steven Spielberg once revealed that one of the hardest roles he had ever had to cast was the role of Elliot for the feature film, E.T. 

Once production started and casting began Steven Spielberg’s friedn Jack Fisk, a production designer for several feature films suggested a young actor by the name of Henry Thomas.

Spielberg brought Thomas in for an audition at Universal Studios. But, instead of giving the child actor a script to memorize. Steven Spielberg told the kind that they were going to improv a scene with a government agent who is trying to take his alien best friend away from him.

Steven Spielberg’s only direction to Henry Thomas was to do whatever it takes to stop the government agent from taking the alien away.

In the heartbreaking audition, Henry Thomas breaks down into tears pleading not to take his friend. If you listen closely you can hear Steven Spielberg say “OK kid, you got the job.”

Check out the audition below:

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