AMC Releases First Video of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and It’s Exciting

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Here’s the first video of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and it’s pretty damn intense.

We still don’t have an exact release date for ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ but it will arrive sometime this summer and my best guess would be that it would premiere weeks before the first episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6.

In the meantime, AMC is heavily promoting ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ to pique the interests of fellow Walking Dead fans.

In a recent promo released by AMC, we catch a few glimpses into the world of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’.

There’s really not much here. So, in case you missed the few seconds of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ here are screenshots of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

screen-shot-2015-05-29-at-6-09-27-am screen-shot-2015-05-29-at-6-09-53-am screen-shot-2015-05-29-at-6-09-01-am

Entertainment Weekly has also offered a few pictures from the set.

It will be a few more weeks before we see any other news regarding ‘Fear the Walking Dead’. But, it sure looks exciting.

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