Here’s The Real Reason Why All Movie Trailers Are the Same

Here’s the secret formula to all movie trailers.

Despite fewer people watching movie trailers now more than ever, movie trailers are and will always be an important part of the marketing part of any movie. When skillfully done, they can make even horrible movies look like Oscar winning pictures.

Unfortunately, due to this formula, all movie trailers are basically the same. Jack Nugent, host of the informative “Now You See It” web series, gets to the root of this situation in a video bluntly called “The Problem With Trailers.”

This handy guide explains each trailer and has four main goals it is trying to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time. The trouble starts when too many trailers use this formula for creating movies.

“These techniques have become so normal that they aren’t enough to make a trailer stand out anymore,” Nugent explains. “The vague dialogue, the over-the-top music—it’s very familiar to us.

Here, Nugent explains the different type of formula used for American Sniper and Furious 7 trailers and why these are the new type of trailers Hollywood should be using.

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