Looking for a Job in the Film Industry? YouTube is Now Hiring

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YouTube is now hiring storytellers, filmmakers and content creators

Are you looking for a job in the film industry? How about work for one of the biggest websites in the world by creating and promoting content for YouTube?

YouTube is now hiring a ton of job positions for their streaming platform. With over a billion visitors a month and millions upon millions of videos, YouTube is a giant in the film industry. More and more filmmakers are choosing to upload their short films, vlogs, and movies.

But, what is it like to work for YouTube? Well, as their website points out, it’s pretty amazing.

Since YouTube launched in 2005, and was acquired by Google in 2006, we’ve never lost our start-up spirit. At our headquarters in San Bruno, California, you won’t find a maze of private offices or teams spread across multiple buildings. Instead, we sit together, in a newsroom-style setting where you’re (literally) surrounded by opportunities for collaboration. We don’t just exchange ideas within our own teams, but work with people across all of Google to find solutions to our challenges on-screen and behind the scenes.

Youtube is a huge community of innovators and leaders. But, they have a long history of connecting with millennials and the younger generation than other companies. In addition, their goal is to empower a new generation of storytellers to create content. For example at YouTube Space LA YouTube spends time teaching customers, filmmakers, companies and people how to build brands on the web in the Brand Lab.

At its core, YouTube allows billions of people to discover, watch and share original videos. While this mission may sound simple, its effects reach far beyond water cooler chit chat about the latest meme. YouTube is a daily destination for creativity, learning and free expression. It has fundamentally changed the video industry and democratized mainstream media. We provide everyone the opportunity to contribute to the global exchange of ideas and offer ways for content creators and advertisers to build, grow and interact with audiences.

If you’re interested in a new job, then apply for a job today with YouTube.

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