NBC is Now Looking for Aspiring Directors

NBC Casting Call
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NBC Emerging Director Program 2019 is now accepting submissions.

Are you or some know you know an aspiring director? If so, then I have the film program for you. NBCUniversal Talent Infusion Programs has launched the NBC Emerging Director Program. According to the press release, the program is designed to “to take male and gender non-binary directors accomplished in their respective fields (features, commercials, music videos) and give them the opportunity to work alongside episodic television directors. The selected directors will foster relationships and fine-tune their art to fit the episodic television format.”

The NBC EMERGING DIRECTOR PROGRAM is created to help directors create content in their respective fields (features, commercials, music videos) and give them the chance to work alongside television directors. The chosen directors will create relationships and fine-tune their filmmaking to fit the television.

Built from a mission to open up the opportunities of directors with whom NBCU works, the program (in tandem with FEMALE FORWARD) will accept submissions from October 21, 2019 – Nov 3, 2019.

NBC Studios
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Those who are selected will have the opportunity to shadow for up to two episodes on an NBCU show, from prep to post-production. “NBCU will provide a flat weekly stipend, along with airfare and hotel accommodation for non-locals during the program. Directors placed on NBC shows will be guaranteed an episode to direct on that show within the same season.”

Directors must have directed no more than One episode of scripted television. 

Female directors can apply to our Female Forward program (https://nbcfemaleforward.com/) using the same application link.


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What’s the Process?

  1. Submission of Portfolio Materials

Nominees are required to submit:

  • One letter of nomination from an advocate of the director who is not a talent representative. Letters of nomination will not be accepted from anyone who works for or with talent, specifically managers, agents, publicists and lawyers.
  • A resume/CV
  • A bio
  • A directing reel
  • 1-3 samples representing the director’s best work (features, short films, music videos, etc.–completed works preferred)
  • OPTIONAL: one additional letter of recommendation
  1. Selection of Program Finalists

The selected finalist directors will be contacted and interviewed by the end of May 2019.

  1. Selection of Directors

The selected director’s portfolios will be sent to participating NBCUniversal shows. Each show then selects which director they would like to take on to shadow for up to two episodes on the show, from pre to post-production before directing an episode.

FAQ – Female Forward and Emerging Director Program (EDP) application window

To apply for Female Forward/EDP, does someone need to nominate me?

  • You will fill out your own application for Female Forward/EDP that must include a letter of nomination.  This letter comes from someone you’ve worked with creatively in the industry (not an agent/manager) who can speak to your abilities.

Is this application for Female Forward/EDP limited to a certain number of applicants?

  • No, these programs will be open from Oct. 21 – Nov 3.  We will accept any submissions that come through in that time-frame.

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