Looking for a Job? Google is Now Hiring Screenwriters

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Google will pay $15,000 for your TV and movie script.

Google would like to see if there were more movies about computer sciences that weren’t the stereotypical nerd movie. Are you an aspiring screenwriter? Do you want to work for Google? If so, Google will actually pay you to write a movie script.

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Google is teaming up with The Black List and will grant up to $15,000 for three people to write three scripts. Google is looking for one movie script and two TV pilots that will change the nerd cliché of computer scientists and scientists. This is part of a Google initiative to bring women and people of color into computer science. So, these movies and TV shows are probably going to be more diverse than a typical 1930s drama.

Google Movie
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The submission process starts now and ends July 15th with the lucky grant winners getting their money in the fall. The grant winners will keep the rights to their script, but they will also have to explain to Google how they spent the $15,000 to create the script.

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To sign up visit Blacklist


Are you going to apply? Share with us your movie script ideas in the comments below!