CBS is Now Looking for Aspiring Writers

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CBS is searching for writers for its CBS Writers Mentoring Program.

For nearly two decades, over 100 aspiring diverse writers have completed the ViacomCBS Global Inclusion Writers Mentoring Program. Over 80 careers have launched and the goal of the program is to “positively impact the presence of diverse writers throughout the industry.”

How it works:

The eight-month program is an opportunity for aspiring writers from diverse backgrounds to build relationships and network with executives and showrunners. From there, CBS will support new and emerging writers in their efforts to become a better writer, develop skills necessary to break into the industry and succeed. While the Writers Mentoring Program is not a job and there is no monetary compensation, the program is a structured program of career development, support, and personal access to executives, influencers, and preparing writers with tools for employment on television.

Each participant will be partnered with a CBS network or studio executive who they will meet regularly to discuss their goals, get creative feedback on their material, and get advice in furthering their career.

LOS ANGELES, Nov 7, 2019: Viacom logo sign close up at Los Angeles headquarters on Gower Street. Viacom and CBS will complete their merger in December 2019.
LOS ANGELES, Nov 7, 2019: Viacom logo sign close up at Los Angeles headquarters on Gower Street. Viacom and CBS will complete their merger in December 2019. Editorial credit: Alex Millauer /

Once a week, writers will be invited into small workshop-style meetings with CBS showrunners and industry professionals. Speakers include executive producers, agents, managers, development and current executives and showrunners. The goal of these discussions is for participants to get a larger understanding of how the game works from many various perspectives as well as building the possibility to make important networking relationships.

For an associate to get the most utmost out of the Writer Mentorship Program a significant commitment of time and effort is required. To get the greatest advantage from the program, participants should be available to:

  1. Attend once a week (evening) workshops and,
  2. Attend meetings or observe in various situations for a minimum of five full days (not necessarily in sequence) over the course of the eight-month program.

You must be 21 or older to be eligible. All completed application materials must be received between March 1, 2020 and May 1, 2020. Any submissions received before March 1st or after May 1st, 2020 will not be considered.

To apply click here.

For application requirement details, visit the FAQ section here

Additional questions can be e-mailed to: [email protected]

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