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Required Skill:

Acting, Voiceover

Voice Actor for DYAD Limited Series

Job Details: DYAD is a 2D animated action/adventure/musical limited series targeting a young adult audience. The project includes a prequel movie and two seasons, exploring themes of corruption, prejudice, murder, and occasional mature content. REA Bear Animates created the series, a long-term commitment spanning over five years.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Consistently reprise the assigned role for two seasons and a movie.
  • Attend table reads and team meetings.
  • Collaborate effectively with the production team.
  • Be open to callbacks for roles not initially auditioned for.
  • Provide high-quality voice recordings with minimal background noise or static.


  • Age 18 and above.
  • Willingness to sign a contract and NDA upon acceptance.
  • Possess a recording setup with clear audio quality using a USB or XLR microphone.
  • Availability on Discord for communication and table reads.

Character Descriptions:

  1. TYR

    • Age: 17
    • Gender: Nonbinary
    • Special Note: Sings

    • Age: 15
    • Gender: Female
    • Special Note: Black Actors Only, Sings

    • Age: 15
    • Gender: Female
    • Special Note: Sings
  4. Delanath (Recasting)

    • Gender: Male
    • Special Note: Immortal, Sings
  5. MATEO

    • Age: 15
    • Gender: Male
    • Special Note: Deaf/hard of hearing Actors Only, preferably Hispanic/Latino, Sings
  6. Flynn

    • Age: 15
    • Gender: Male
    • Special Note: Sings
  7. Wilma

    • Age: 15
    • Gender: Female
    • Special Note: Preferably Hispanic/Latino actors, Sings


  • Details to be discussed upon selection and based on the role and scope of involvement.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the DYAD series! We look forward to creating something extraordinary together.

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