Project Casting
All States, Afghanistan
Posted about 1 month ago

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Job Description

Commercial casting  - pays $2500 per person if your VO is 
selected  (This project is Non-Union) 

 Seeking an 18 - 34 yr old, English speaker, all ethnicities, genders, accents and dialects welcome, who has someone in their life that they admire and is 15+ years OLDER than them. The 18-34 year old will be interviewing the “older” person over the phone. This “older” INTERVIEWEE can be a teacher, neighbor, clergy member, aunt/uncle, older cousin, parent, etc. This person is someone with whom you care for and can have heart to heart conversations.

 Seeking an 18-34 yr old English speaker (all ethnicities, accents and dialects welcome) who has a PEER of the same age that they can have a heart to heart conversation with. You will be interviewing your peer. This person must be someone you respect and are comfortable having a candid conversation with; this peer could be a sibling, a best friend, a confidant, a cousin, a roommate, college mate, or anyone your age that you admire and respect.

This is not for ON CAMERA. This is VO (voiceover). If selected, you + your interviewee will need to submit photos for the project. 

$2500 payment is for the release of the VO recording and photos.